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California Functional 
Internal Medicine Clinic

Adult Primary Care Internal Medicine & Certified Functional Medicine in Mission Viejo, CA

California Functional Internal Medicine Clinic


Adult Primary Care Internal Medicine & Certified Functional Medicine

From the conveniently located office in Mission Viejo, California, primary care provider Mohammed Ansari, MD, and the team at California Functional Internal Medicine Clinic offer Internal Medicine and holistic functional medicine services to adults wanting to go beyond managing symptoms and pursue optimal health and wellness. 

Patients can rely on Dr. Ansari and the team for primary care and functional medicine services, along with care for chronic conditions, such as hypertension, leaky gut, or cholesterol issues. Individuals searching for a reliable medical approach to common problems like allergies or weight loss can benefit from Dr. Ansari’s expertise, curiosity, and years of experience.

Anyone struggling with toxic buildup needs to look no further than California Functional Internal Medicine Clinic, where lingering issues like mold toxicity, heavy metal toxicity, and chronic Lyme disease can finally be investigated and relieved. Dr. Ansari is passionate about improving patient outcomes and can help adults in varying seasons of life detect and alleviate hormonal imbalances to ensure they are reaching their maximum potential.

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Bringing Quality of Care into the homes of all.
Based in Mission Viejo, CA

We provide telehealth services including medication management and lab draws All over California
opening on april 8th for telelehealth and  In-Person visits on april 22nd! 
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Our Credentials

internal medicine
Internal Medicine Board Certified
Functional Medicine Certified Practitioner
mold expert
Mold and Environmental Illness Expert
Lyme Literate MD


We are still in the process of credentialing with the below insurances.  If you have specific questions regarding your coverage, please contact us for additional information.

If your insurance is not on the list, we also accept cash pay patients.
$180 for New Patient Appointment, $90 for Follow Up Appointment
United Healthcare
Our Mission
To treat the root cause of disease and not just the symptoms, through food, nutrition, lifestyle and supplements along with Conventional medicine to optimize patient wellness.

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